Thick film heating element require form

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1. Heater size and material?(Ex:Steel heater, size-L=100mm , W=80mm, t=2mm):
2. Heater electric spec. description?(Ex:Voltage -AC220V,Max. power-1500W,Max. current-10A):
3. What object to be heating?(Ex:Steel、Water、Plastic、CPU in main board...):
4. Weight of heating object (including container)?(Ex:1000cc of water in a 500g steel container):
5. Original temperature and target temperature?(Ex:From 0℃ heating to 15℃):
6. The time of heating up to the target temperature ?(Ex:2 min.):
7. UL require?(Ex:High pot 1.6KV/1min.):
8. Way of output connection?(Ex:Use L-type terminal, AWG22 wire, Length 100mm...):
9. Require thermostat or sensor ? and it’s position?(Ex:Reserved 10*10mm space for sensor):
10. Is the heating element to be reserved space for structure assembly ?(Ex:Leave 5mm at the edge of heater for body assembly):
11. Which application ?(Ex:Prevention of outdoor equipment due to temperature is too low to cause system crashes):
12. Require Qty.: